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About VeryCoolLights

Welcome to VeryCoolLights! Located in Warminster on 901 Catalpa Road (34,000 lights) and 298 York Road (3,000 lights). Going onto our 6th year and we are upgrading! Removing most incandescent lights and going to mostly RGB pixels. Along with updating software, controllers, sequences and so much more! 2019 is going to be a big year for VeryCoolLights, and you will not want to miss out. 20 songs, 34,000 lights and a dedicated man is what brings VeryCoolLights to life every year!

Meet the man behind the magic! Karl Drahovsky is the Warminster local making all Christmas lighting dreams come true. “My personal goal of the light show is to provide entertaining light animation with music. “I want to blink lights with every beat of a song and keep the theme nostalgic, entertaining and upbeat. Becoming overly techy is not my intention. I want to keep improving and keep things exciting for years to come!” Karl, during the ‘main setup period’ spends over 60+ hours putting the show on the lawn, setting up our favorite singing trees and Candy Cane Lane. However, during the summer this year he has spent close to 30 hours a week, since July preparing power supplies, wire runs, controller boxes, “pushing pixels” and more for the 2019 changeover! “Sometimes you might be tired and not want to set it up year after year. But it’s that one individual that walks up to the lawn and says thank you for doing this.”

We wouldn’t be able to do what we do without our community, especially Smart Decor and More. Smart Decor and More is our Santa, filling the toy box with thousands of toys every year. Candy Cane Lane wouldn’t be the same without our favorite holiday sponsor!


Come join our community and escape the holiday rush for some songs and spectacular lights!

NO shows in 2020 - So Sorry for this news.  Be back in 2021!


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