Very Cool Lights of Warminster, PA!

Wow what a speedy 2018! Ready for the 2018 Christmas Light show? I've been planning for it all year. I've redone the all window outlines and add the NEW roof lines in LED Pixel Bulbs. I am slowly converting all incandescent bulbs to LED PIXELS. Beyond the cost, it takes a good bit of time to convert the songs to this new lighting format. I am trying to make the songs work with these new lights (Props) but it is gradual process. As you know, this free Holiday Light Show is ~60 Minutes of entertainment - Lights Choreographed to music! This, year, it will run November 23rd, 2018 through January 9th, 2019. Approx: 5pm-11pm Daily. (901 Catalpa Road, Warminster, PA 18974) Visit Candycane row to receive a gift from Santa!

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I hope you physically attend and enjoy the shows. Please feel free to provide open feedback. If you witness a show, I ask that you please complete a survey. I’d like to understand some simple demographics. Additionally, if there are any technical issues you notice while watching the show, please let me know with the appropriate links on this site.

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2018 6ABC Interview - A Very Cool Light Show!

2018 Now over 34,000 Lights. 6ABC has been taken behind the scene's look on what it takes to do tricked out lights!"

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